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An introduction from our founder

I'm responsible for service design and innovation at xynergie, a company I co-founded in 2010 which delivers cost optimisation solutions to mid sized corporates across the UK, Europe and Australia.

Why does xynergie offer so much value to companies and finance/ procurement directors 'get it' and quickly secure budget?

Essentially we help clients to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and optimise their cost base through the delivery of sustainable change. Rather than being reliant on supplier squeeze, we work with the internal team to identify innovative approaches to improve their supply chain performance and internal procedures, often delivering double digit savings that can be realised annually.

Successful cost optimisation starts with challenging the status quo - why are things done like that 'around here?' Working in collaboration with the internal team, we map out the end to end processes, breakdown barriers to change, enhance your supply chain relationships and design different approaches which will deliver optimum results and long term value.

How do we help clients secure greater financial benefits at lower cost?

A core element of our success is our ability not only to identify opportunities but to deliver the actual financial benefits onto the bottom line. We align our fee structure to results and offer guarantees on minimum ROI.

Often the toughest challenge is to find out where opportunities for improvement exist, and how to start to do something about it. That's where xynergie steps in.

A selection of our clients:

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Our Rock-Solid 400% ROI Guarantee

As our typical client engagement commences with a fixed priced review of their cost base,
we guarantee a minimum Return on Investment!
If the review does not identify realisable savings equating to at least 400% of our initial fee, you don't pay us a Bean!

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About xynergie

xynergie helps organisations better control their spending, reduce costs and improve business efficiency by integrating the COST Optimisation Formula.

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